For the "new three" trade protection call out? To promote the quality of foreign trade and quantity stability, need to deal with ten pairs of relations



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Under the new situation, to promote the quality and quantity of foreign trade, we can further plan our work ideas from the perspective of handling the following ten pairs of relations. It should be noted that in the face of a more complex international and domestic environment, it is appropriate to understand "quality and quantity stability" in a broad sense rather than in a narrow sense, including improving the quality of foreign trade products and services, including foreign trade to create more for high-quality development. Favorable environment.

International trade and domestic trade--

At the beginning of this century, China's foreign trade developed rapidly, and the degree of dependence on foreign trade once exceeded 60%. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the foreign trade environment deteriorated, the growth rate of foreign trade began to decline, and the degree of dependence on foreign trade gradually shrank. In 2023, China's dependence on foreign trade will be about 33%, and exports will account for 19% of GDP. In the same year, the US's dependence on foreign trade was 25%, and exports accounted for 11% of GDP. In contrast, China is more dependent on foreign trade and more vulnerable to the external environment.

Under the new situation, it is necessary to further deepen and integrate the domestic market, tap the demand potential of the 1.4 billion population and 18 trillion US dollars of GDP, steadily move from the "world factory" to the "world factory world market", and improve the right to speak and ask in the international market. Expand the space for the domestic market to absorb external shocks, and enhance the flexibility between domestic and international trade.

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