How does China's foreign trade respond to international industrial transfer? | Looking for new highlights in global trade growth



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With industrial upgrading and relocation, the export structure of some countries may change. First, the product structure changes. On the one hand, some underdeveloped countries or low-and middle-income developing countries will undertake a large number of labor-intensive industrial transfers from China and gradually become export bases for low value-added products, further reducing the export competitiveness of China's traditional superior products; on the other hand, With technological progress and industrial upgrading, some countries may shift from exporting low value-added products to exporting high value-added products, such as electronic products, machinery and equipment, etc., to form homogeneous competition with Chinese export products. Second, the market structure changes. Some countries may shift their export markets from traditional markets to emerging markets in order to seek broader sales channels and more opportunities. Three is the change of trade mode. Some countries may shift from traditional trade methods to more modern trade methods, such as cross-border e-commerce and direct investment.

We should increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and R & D, develop high-tech manufacturing and modern service industries, encourage the digital transformation of industries, and promote the upgrading of industries to high value-added in order to adapt to changes in market demand. At the same time, diversified export products can be developed to avoid excessive dependence on a single product. The second is to strengthen the strategy of market diversification, open up emerging markets, strengthen trade exchanges and cooperation with these countries, strengthen cooperation with neighboring countries, jointly build regional industrial chains and supply chains, and stabilize and expand the scope of export markets. The third is to continue to promote innovation in trade methods to adapt to changes in market demand. Fourth, steadily expand the rules, regulations, management, standards and other institutional openness, and promote the high-quality development of the pilot free trade zone. At the same time, under the multilateral trading system, we will promote the innovation and improvement of international trade rules.

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