October 2011 China excavator market monitoring analysis and forecast report



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According to the survey of China construction machinery trade network, a total of 8,922 excavators were sold by 26 major excavator manufacturers in October 2011, up only 0.61% from the previous month, basically unchanged from September. But it was down 27.75% year-over-year. Though small in the fourth quarter is the traditional sales season, but 8, the rebound height less than expected in September, October, sales still not better, with the national macroeconomic regulation and control, tightening monetary policy than expected, the financing risk of sales increase, the weather turns cold lead to unfavorable factors such as the downstream demand is not prosperous, China construction machinery business network analysts forecast that sales in November and December will be dropped, and will continue to intensify the pressure on fell. From January to October, 160949 excavators were sold by 26 major excavator manufacturers in China, up 16.20 percent from the same period last year, and the cumulative growth rate has declined for eight consecutive months since the peak in February. Analysts at China construction machinery commerce and trade network expect excavator sales to decline continuously in the next two months, with full-year growth well below the industry's forecast of 20 per cent at the start of the year. Strong domestic brands break through, Japan and South Korea share declined. From January to October 2011, China's excavator market competition pattern is relatively stable. In terms of cumulative sales, the share of domestic brands has further expanded to 39%, up nearly 10 percentage points from 2010. Among them, sany heavy machine, yuchai, liugong, mountain reconstruction machine, xiugong, lux and other excellent domestic brands have achieved higher year-on-year growth than the overall level of the industry. Japanese brands fell to 29 per cent and south Korean brands shrunk to 20 per cent, while European and us performance remained relatively flat at about 12 per cent. In terms of brand sales, sany's excavator sales have topped komatsu's for the fifth time this month since June, and it is the only manufacturer to sell more than 1,000 units this month. Carry small dig, big dig relatively high growth, weak demand in digging. Small dig (T less than 13) and large dig (T > 30) showed relatively high growth, with year-on-year growth of 29.09% and 31.27% from January to October, respectively. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the increase of road repair projects, small excavators have a promising prospect in China. Large excavators are mainly used in mining and other projects, and the terminal demand is relatively stable. China digging (13t-30t) is mainly used for large-scale infrastructure construction in cities such as railways, highways and ports. Affected by the national macro policies, China's demand is weak recently, with year-on-year growth of only 5.14% from January to October.

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